One Nutrition Solution For Your Entire Community

We help communities transform cultures of health and wellness, starting with nutrition. Our collective impact software platform helps cross-sector coalitions identify community strengths and weaknesses, and helps them coordinate efforts to improve the nutrition literacy of residents, increase access to healthy foods and improve the local food system. 

For your residents, we offer you a privately-branded web and mobile app that your residents can use to receive personalized nutrition guidance based on their lifestyle or chronic health conditions. We make nutrition literacy extremely simple. Residents can also use this app to find local community services like WIC, farmers market voucher programs, food banks, farmers markets, cooking classes and much more. 

For your local dietitians and nutritionists, we also offer a web-based software tool that helps them coach clients and improve their relationship with food. And for your local food businesses, we have an integrated nutritional analysis system that helps them easily understand how their dishes compare to the needs of individuals with special diets, including those managing health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, osteoporosis, pregnancy, nursing, etc. 

We are inspired by hundreds of communities