A Unified Collective Impact Platform

FoodCare's integrated apps for residents, nutrition counselors and local food businesses are backed by a world-class Collective Impact Management System. By using them together dozens of local organizations can coordinate efforts on projects, programs, events, campaigns and in policy development. Our approach and software infrastructure are necessary because poor nutrition is a highly complex social problem involving hundreds of related issues. 

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If you are interested in transforming your community's relationship with healthy, locally sourced foods, you will need to collaborate with partners in several sectors including public health, healthcare, sustainability, farming, foodservice, transportation, economic development, housing, education and so on. 

The words used across these sectors to describe our respective work efforts are all over the place. To address this we have invented a clear and consistent language for communicating with each other. This results in total clarity about which dimensions of any given nutrition-related problem are being addressed by the organizations in your community. 


Thousands, of frameworks have been developed to help professionals in different sectors, domains or specific topic areas think about, plan, implement and analyze their efforts. Some have produced good results and some have actually been shockingly harmful.

There is tremendous wisdom in approaches like Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), and sound operating principles in approaches like the Collective Impact framework. But these frameworks do not have the horsepower to address the requirements of modeling and managing complex adaptive systems. Once the complexity of the problem being defined and addressed surpasses the frameworks ability to model and manage it, the wheels start coming off the effort. 

Your community's approach needs to be very simple but capable of modeling the complexity of a challenge as sophisticated as community nutrition.