Community Nutrition Transformation

FoodCare's support for associations, foundations, other nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and government agencies is unparalleled. We know you struggle with resources and capacity building. We designed our entire platform from the ground up to support community-wide nutrition initiatives. We are able to provide you with significant, comprehensive resources for enabling your members and constituents to overcome personal and family nutrition and lifestyle challenges and lead a healthier, more productive life with their loved ones. 

Our platform is free for non-profit associations, foundations, other NPOs and government agencies. All restaurants, schools, corporate cafeterias, food banks, senior living communities, you name it, can use our basic FoodCare for Foodservice for free as well. Registered Dietitians pay as little as $25/year to use our integrated solutions (free for a limited time for RD's in public health departments and schools). Researchers are supported upon request. If you are interested in learning more about how we can support your needs, please contact us to schedule a product demonstration.