If you share our passion for public health, healthy food systems and great food and are looking for a new career opportunity, please reach out to us whatever your background. Email careers@foodcare.com with a brief introduction to yourself along with a link to your LinkedIn profile or provide a resume.

We look for people who are passionate, talented and responsible. Specific roles we are recruiting outstanding team members for include:

Junior & Senior Software Engineers

As a software engineer at FoodCare you will spend 95% of your time working in a functional programming environment using languages like Clojure, ClojureScript, and OM/Facebook React, working primarily in pairs. These positions report directly to our CTO. 


  • Creation of unit and generative test scripts (no code will be released to our system without comprehensive test coverage)
  • Backend development, architecture (approximately 75% of working time)
  • Provide support to partners on projects requiring integration work
  • Internal and external presentations on the company’s platform from a technical standpoint


Required skills and experiences:

  • Understand the art and truth of test driven development
  • 3+ years professional programming experience
  • 3+ years of experience with Java or another JVM-based language
  • Experience or deep interest in functional programming (Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, Go, Lisp)
  • Distributed systems design
  • Experience in or openness to working in an XP environment
  • Version control
  • Fluent in English
  • Based in San Francisco, CA or Louisville, KY

Senior Data Scientists

As a Data Scientist at FoodCare you will work on cutting edge projects with some of the most important organizations and researchers in healthcare. These positions report directly to our CEO. 


  • Collaborate with healthcare researchers to develop proprietary models
  • Conduct statistical analyses to drive insights and strategic recommendations on product usage and user growth/retention
  • Develop models and metrics to track key engagement measures
  • Design and analyze experiments to test new growth campaigns
  • Analyze application data to inform product decisions during new solution development
  • Automating models and metrics that track solution performance
  • Communicate insights to key stakeholders, which include technical and non-technical audiences

Required skills and experiences:

  • Passion for surfacing the insights from large data sets and building a data-driven narrative
  • PhD or equivalent in a quantitative discipline: Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, Economics
  • Strong experience with applied statistics (especially experimentation) and defining key business metrics
  • Experience working with large amounts of real data with SQL, R or other statistical packages
  • Experience with data visualization tools or packages
  • Excellent communication and cross-functional collaboration skills
  • Proven ability to thrive in a fast-paced, relatively unstructured work environment
  • Above all, curiosity and strong intellectual horsepower
  • Based in San Francisco, CA

Junior & Senior Registered Dietitians

Given that we are at the intersections of public health, healthcare and the food industries we have incredibly diversified projects for RDs to work on at FoodCare. 


  • Collaborate with food and beverage brands to provide nutrition guidance
  • Work with public health and healthcare organizations to coordinate interventions
  • Perform academic research around clinical dietary guidelines
  • Lead, manage or support product development activities related to any of our product offerings

Required skills and experiences:

  • Masters degree in field of dietetics
  • Minimum of three years of total experience (one year of clinical experience)
  • Passion for food and cooking
  • Ability to work in often unstructured work environment, often on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Based in San Francisco, CA or Louisville, KY