How we support culinary arts schools

All faculty and students receive unlimited access to the schools consumer web and mobile apps. Family, friends and neighbors can also use either the web or mobile application. Additionally, FoodCare F&B can be used by any local restaurants, food manufacturers, senior or assisted living facilities, or corporate cafeterias in conjunction with student research or internships. 

  • Nutritional Analysis of Recipes, Meals and Daily Meal Plans
  • Faculty, students and alumni can search for, create and share their favorite recipes with the broader community


Nutrition education is a growing component of culinary arts degree program across the nation and world. Over 150 million Americans have a nutrition related chronic disease, each with their own special food cares. Collectively spending over $600 billion dollars per year, chefs of the future will need to understand how to meet the cares of a world increasingly aware of the relationship between food and health.