Over 150 million Americans have a nutrition related chronic disease, each with their own special food cares. Collectively they're spending over $600 billion dollars per year on food. 

Public health agencies, healthcare organizations, non-profits and local employers are increasingly providing nutrition education to clients to teach them how to find healthy foods. 

FoodCare can provide significant support to grocers nutrition programs and community engagement endeavors.  

We provide support for grocers in several ways.

  • Facilitating relationships with local health organizations and non-profits to help you build relationships with patients and clients
  • All Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists employed by our grocer customers receive unlimited access to FoodCare Pro for use with individuals and families. 
  • Special marketing campaigns targeting consumer groups across a wide-variety of food cares. 
  • Seasonal content and marketing support for integrated traditional and social media campaigns

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