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Health Associations are tasked with a tremendous amount of work, often with very limited resources. Our platform directly helps you with patient and caregiver education, awareness campaigns, fundraising, clinical research, grant allocation and oversight, and even advocacy.

Our health association partners get a branded FoodCare App for use by patients and caregivers. Behind the scenes, we provide advanced enterprise software to help you align internal initiatives as well as initiatives across your ecosystem partners. Our FoodCare Pro solution for healthcare professionals links you with them, and links them directly with their patients. The FoodCare F&B solution helps food and beverage businesses identify which of their products are perfect fits for the needs of your community, making it that much easier for individuals and caregivers to access healthy foods that meet their personal cares

We understand how to support the unique needs of your organization at national, divisional and local levels. We can also provide you with significant support in grant writing, and in oversight as you fund the research and community engagement initiatives of your partners.

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Health Professional Engagement

FoodCare Pro is integrated with the FoodCare App and provides healthcare professionals in your ecosystem with the ability to connect with patients and caregivers in your community.

Pro users can set up client profiles and provide customized nutrition guidance, even helping patients that have no internet or mobile phone access. 

If your association oversees or supports the research and development of clinical dietary guidelines for your condition, we can easily model your guidelines into our system and deploy them. And over time we can provide longitudinal data from patients, dietitians and clinical researchers to refine future guideline iterations. 

Consumer Education & Engagement

By deploying the FoodCare App to consumers and caregivers we can help you increase nutrition literacy and engagement in your community.

Features of our standard FoodCare App includes:

  • Branded for you, published and managed by your team
  • Personalized Nutrition Insights on thousands of food items, including recipes, grocery items, snacks, beverages, vitamins & supplements
  • Upload family recipes & modify community recipes per personal dietary needs 
  • Consumers, caregivers and health professionals can connect with each other
  • Meal Plans and Food logs
  • Health condition specific education content from your organization

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Clinical Research

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Researchers investigating the impact of different nutritional considerations on the health of individuals with your health concerns can use FoodCare to support and advance their research.

By joining the FoodCare Research Network, researchers can coordinate studies, analyze data and learn from each other.

And as newly formalized dietary guidelines become available for different conditions relevant to your community, we can release new nutrition guidance to consumers and healthcare professionals in your community.