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Over 150 million Americans have special dietary cares, annually spending well over $600B on food, roughly $1.6 billion each day. Yet, most food and beverage companies have very limited understanding of how their products fit with the the cares of millions. 

Cares can be related to simple food preferences (vegan, vegetarian, organic, etc.), a health condition (pregnancy, nursing, etc.), a chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, kidney disease, liver disease, bone diseases, etc.), or causes (sustainably farmed or harvested, fair trade, etc.). 

When an individual has a special food care, especially when it is related to a serious medical condition, the entire family is often stressed to find appropriate meals for their loved one. And it can be very difficult to figure out which food items are appropriate as different conditions and life stages have different dietary restrictions. What is a Perfect Match for a diabetic can be Forbidden for someone that has Chronic Kidney Disease.

Your food or beverage business may have items that are Perfect Matches for many of the six million pregnant or nursing women in the United States at any given time, but you don't know it and neither do they.

In an average American metro-community, Tulsa, Oklahoma for example, over $4 million dollars is spent on food each day in local restaurants and grocery stores by individuals with special food cares

For chefs and marketers in the food and beverage industry, FoodCare F&B makes it incredibly easy to identify which of your food options are appropriate for millions of households with special needs.

You can use FoodCare F&B to get FDA compliant nutrition fact labels and to perform advanced nutrition analysis of your dishes, identifying with ease which of your dishes pass the dietary guidelines of a wide range of health conditions and dietary preferences. 

Simply enter recipes into the system and we tell you which major health conditions or lifestyle preferences a dish is appropriate for (i.e., diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, osteoporosis, pregnancy, nursing, endurance athletes, vegans, etc.).  

If you would like your own FoodCare App to engage and grow your community, you can have a branded recipe and meal planning app added to your website, along with your own mobile app in just a few days.

Finally, if you would like to target the special cares of a specific audience, our Nutrition Marketing team can partner with you to craft an effective campaign, often directly involving the major healthcare organizations we are partnered with.

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