Advanced Nutrition Insights Guidance

What Is The FoodCare App?

The FoodCare App is a comprehensive suite of integrated web, mobile and social apps for individuals and families focused on helping them understand which foods are good fits for their dietary restrictions and food preferences.  

The FoodCare App enables people to make sense of the hundreds of thousands of food products around them. And for the 150 million Americans living with a nutrition related chronic disease, FoodCare has the most advanced and personalized approach for nutrition guidance currently available. Our Nutrition Insights™ technology translates the nutrition facts for thousands of recipes, grocery items and restaurant dishes for the needs of app users on a truly individualized basis.

Functionality already includes recipes, grocery items, restaurant dishes, meals, meal plans, food logs, shopping lists, farmers markets, community gardens, news, events, health tips, messages and resources. Much more is coming.

Further, the FoodCare App integrates with other FoodCare solutions, including FoodCare Pro for nutrition counselors including Registered Dietitians (who have access to highly advanced tools), Nutritionists, Certified Diabetes Educators, Personal Trainers and other health and wellness professionals.  

The FoodCare App also integrates with FoodCare Foodservice, our enterprise-class solution for restaurants, schools, grocers, food manufacturers, hospitals, nursing homes, senior living communities, and other foodservice venues.  

When you add it all up, FoodCare's Community Nutrition Platform helps organizations that lead or manage a community transform the dietary well-being of the individuals and families within it, engage the nutrition counselors providing support to community members, and all the food companies nourishing them.