Ken Marshall
Products & Solutions

Ken founded FoodCare and leads our population health management initiatives. Ken works directly with our customers to plan, deploy and support community nutrition transformation programs.

Prior to FoodCare, Ken served as the Chief Executive Officer of Appregatta Technologies, a leading market development services business for cross-industry technology startups comprised of a sales force of over 125 highly experienced business development executives, which provided full service support for strategic planning, product management and business operations for cloud ISVs and systems integrators. 

Previous to Appregatta, Ken served as a team member of the early cloud computing practices at both Accenture and Deloitte. Prior to Accenture, Ken founded and led Sempire Systems, a pioneering enterprise software company in the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) category. Ken started his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the MCS - Customer Relationship Management practice responsible for strategy, process and systems engineering of sales automation, marketing and customer care projects.

Ken holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California at Davis. Ken is a member of the San Francisco community.

Brian Jenkins
Chief Technology Officer
Engineering & Data Science

Brian leads the development of FoodCare's technology platform across all apps and devices. Brian supports FoodCare back-end applications, develops long-term architectural roadmaps and collaborates with our technology partners to develop new solutions. 

Prior to FoodCare, Brian worked as a senior technology advisor to large web applications at many of Silicon Valley's leading technology companies, often on turnaround projects of massively complected and high profile stacks, and he is known for his ability to re-invigorate teams to create a culture of accepting nothing less than the highest quality of code. Most of these projects were subject to confidentiality agreements. 

Brian has also had senior engineering roles at Get Satisfaction, Pivotal Labs, and Yelp! Brian also founded his own startup, Gallery Star, which helped amazing independent art galleries feature and sell works of art. 

Brian has a Bachelor of Science in Cybernetics from Antioch College. Brian is a member of the Oakland community.

Holly DeVan

Holly works closely with FoodCare customers to create joint solution offerings aimed at improving the quality of life and healthcare outcomes of people and families impacted by chronic diseases and multiple nutritional challenges. Working tirelessly, Holly helps customers plan and work through their journey to community health transformation.

Prior to joining FoodCare she was Vice-President of Corporate Relations, and Managing Director, Kidney Learning Solutions, at the National Kidney Foundation, working strategically with NKF partners including healthcare payers, providers, pharmaceutical firms, food manufacturers and other major NKF partners. 

Previously, she serviced as Vice-President of Marketing for the startup launch of, an early adapter of technology-based content and services delivery for consumers. She was also a Senior Vice President, North America for the American Management Association, where she led multiple business units in publishing, business services, adult education and early technology efforts in delivering information to business professionals. Holly has also held numerous advisory and board roles in healthcare, education and business service organizations.

Holly holds a Bachelor of Arts in American History from the State University of New York at Oneonta, and a Master of Science in Organization and Management from Capella University. Holly is a member of the Queens, New York community.

Lisa Luong

Lisa works closely with customers to manage logistics and project implementation. Lisa also oversees tactical product development and develops mobile apps for FoodCare customers. Lisa manages business operations, sales and marketing operations, website and customer support infrastructure. 

Prior to FoodCare, Lisa worked with Ken at Appregatta Technologies, leading sales and marketing operations for a 125 person organization. Lisa also managed relationships and logistics with over 50 systems integration partners. Manages business operations, sales/marketing operations, mobile app deployments, website and CRM infrastructure. 

Prior to Appregatta Lisa was one of the first team members of two high-growth financial services companies, Central Payment and CardPayment Solutions, where she oversaw risk management and internal audit functions as Director of Account Acquisitions.

Lisa holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Geography from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Lisa is a member of the San Francisco community.