How we support medical schools

Contact us to learn how we can help your medical school and health system advance learning, research and population health management initiatives.

In partnership with the Tulane Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine (GCCM), FoodCare provides support to medical schools that have licensed the GCCM curriculum. 

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The GCCM is the first dedicated teaching kitchen implemented in a medical school. The center provides hands-on training for medical students through culinary medicine classes in the form of electives and seminars as well as continuing education for the healthcare and foodservice industries.

10% of Medical Schools based in the US have already licensed the GCCM curricula, with dozens of student participants from the Tulane Medical School, and now offering continuing education opportunities for trained medical doctors. Additionally, dozens of chefs from across the food industry have attended Goldring led seminars and training programs.

All Medical School customers receive a privately branded web and mobile app for use in their student and research community, specially developed for the Goldring curriculum along with exclusive content from the GCCM. 

Faculty and students that have licensed the Goldring curriculum also receive special access to the FoodCare Research Network.

For Medical Schools that are not licensees of the GCCM curriculum, FoodCare has significant additional ways to support your needs (though, we highly encourage you to contact Dr. Tim Harlan and/or Master Chef Leah Sarris). We also support the needs of international medical schools.