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In partnership with the Tulane Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine (GCCM), FoodCare provides support to medical schools that have licensed the GCCM curriculum. 

We provide a privately branded web and mobile app for use by faculty and students, which can also be made available to members of the broader community. 

All faculty and students receive unlimited access to the schools consumer web and mobile apps. Family, friends and neighbors can also use either the web or mobile application. Additionally, FoodCare F&B can be used by any local restaurants, food manufacturers, senior or assisted living facilities, or corporate cafeterias in conjunction with student research or internships. 

  • Nutritional Analysis of Recipes, Meals and Daily Meal Plans
  • Faculty, students and alumni can search for, create and share their favorite recipes with the broader community

Researchers affiliated with the medical school are also able to join as members to the FoodCare Research Network to support in nutrition related clinical research studies.