What we do

We help communities comprehensively improve the nutrition literacy of community members and increase their access to healthy foods, which is of particular need in traditionally underserved communities. Our work benefits the health of individuals and families living in the community, and it also benefits the local economy as we foster the growth of healthy food systems

We do our work through a combination of technology offerings and professional services as we coordinate efforts across a vast networks of public health agencieshealthcare providersnon-profits, educational institutions, local employers and food and beverage businesses.  

Our Approach

We believe that true healthcare transformation happens locally. To transform the dietary well-being of a community at large, the efforts of dozens of organizations and hundreds of public and community health professionals must be aligned and measured on an on-going basis. 

Our our implementation methodology and technology helps physical and virtual communities comprehensively address a wide-variety of nutrition related Healthy People 2020 Objectives.

We work with your team and with other organizations in your ecosystem to identify and align pre-existing initiatives for use with our platform, we help in planning for future initiatives, and in implementation on an on-going basis. 

Our approach focuses on five outcomes for our customers: 

  1. Increase nutrition literacy of community members
  2. Increase access to healthy foods
  3. Empower healthcare professionals to provide outstanding nutrition guidance and long-term support
  4. Align nutrition interventions from across the community to maximize their impact on Healthy People 2020 Objectives
  5. Help communities build stronger, more sustainable food systems