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Healthcare organizations that take the lead in implementing local health transformation initiatives will survive industry consolidation and transform their organizations capacity to improve health outcomes at scale. 

We enable healthcare organizations to play highly prominent and visible roles in the transformation of their local communities. We provide them with guidance, technology and data unavailable anywhere else. 

We put them at the heart of health transformation initiatives across dozens of non-profits, foundations and other healthcare organizations. We position them at the heart of a healthy local food system to ensure they have every resource available to nourish and care for their community members. 


Improve nutrition literacy across your community

When your members use a FoodCare App, they receive personalized Nutrition Insights™ for thousands of recipes, locally available restaurant dishes and prepared meals, specifically customers for their health conditions, food preferences and other cares.

This means that even if your members have to keep track of multiple nutrients or monitor many different types of restricted foods, the FoodCare system makes it very easy for them to understand how a dish compares to their personal food cares.

FoodCare provides your community with a “Community Nutrition Platform” that aligns and unifies the cares of individuals and families, healthcare professionals caring for them, and the food businesses nourishing them. 

Our apps and services are force multipliers for population health managers looking for solutions that can drive sustained transformation.  

Our approach comprehensively improves nutrition literacy, helps individuals identify and access healthy foods and makes it easier for people to change their nutrition behaviors. We help outstanding nutrition guidance to clients, and the confidence to know that their clients can easily understand it. Finally, we help local food businesses actively participate in the transformation, making it not only easy to understand how to meet special dietary needs, but profitable to do so.

Solutions for practitioners

FoodCare Pro helps physicians, nurses, social workers and (most importantly) Registered Dietitians provide clinically relevant nutrition guidance that members can easily understand and make use of at home and around town. 

For Registered Dietitians we offer the ability to customize highly advanced nutrition guidance for clients on a one to one basis. All FoodCare Pro users can adjust major macro-nutrients and certain micro-nutrients, and in special circumstances we will grant full access to nutritionists upon request and review.

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