We Support Population Health

If you provide well-being services for a community interested in food, wellness and nutrition, the FoodCare App, branded for your individual community, is the perfect solution. 

We are deploying in a wide variety of settings, including major health insurers, food and wellness websites, health associations focused on specific chronic diseases, private practice RDs and nutritionists and even public health.

The FoodCare App meets the needs of community members but also helps Registered Dietitians provide unprecedented clinical nutrition guidance, and helps all manner of foodservice organizations meet the needs of anyone they serve that has a special diet. 

To learn more about how FoodCare can support the specific needs of your community members, please contact us.  We don't provide a lot of information on about our deep capabilities for Population Health, but we're easy to talk to and you're going to be shocked at our great terms and how much we have to offer.