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Better Community Nutrition

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Community nutrition interventions focused on individuals, families or the community-at-large have often been fragmented, duplicative, myopic, and unsustainable. They're often not aligned and coordinated with other local organizations in ways that would optimize outcomes for the community at large or become self-sustainable. 

Obesity and chronic disease can't be addressed in a vacuum. To systemically address obesity and chronic disease we must dramatically improve nutrition literacy, increase access to healthy foods and better align cross-sector health initiatives across local organizations with respect to all Healthy People 2020 topic areas

FoodCare provides your community with a “Community Nutrition Platform” that aligns and unifies the cares of individuals and families, healthcare professionals caring for them, and the food businesses nourishing them.

We must transform the community around the individual and family, and we must do so by aligning and optimizing each of our nutrition interventions. 

Our apps and services are force multipliers for public health agencies, non-profits, health insurers, healthcare providers, employers and technology companies seeking to address population health at the scale of an entire community. 

Our approach comprehensively improves nutrition literacy, helps individuals identify and access healthy foods and makes it easier for people to change their nutrition behaviors. We help healthcare professionals provide outstanding nutrition guidance to clients, and the confidence to know that their clients can easily understand it. Finally, we help local food businesses actively participate in the transformation, making it not only easy to understand how to meet special dietary needs, but profitable to do so.