How we support dietetics programs

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We provide a dynamic and engaging learning platform for faculty, students, alumni and the greater community around the school.

All school customers receive their own branded web and mobile FoodCare App. Community members can use the app to search for and contribute recipes and meals that are consistent with personal food cares.

All faculty and students receive access to FoodCare Pro, which they can use in classroom, clinical and private counseling settings. 

All faculty and students also receive special access to FoodCare F&B for use in consulting projects and internships with food businesses. 

We work with our customers in public health agencies, healthcare organizations, and non-profits to identify internship, career and research collaboration opportunities for students and alumni. 

As members of our FoodCare Research Network launch clinical and population health research studies, we also identify opportunities for faculty and students to provide strategic and logistical support. 

  • Nutritional Analysis of Recipes, Meals and Daily Meal Plans
  • Client profile management and care customization
  • Faculty and students can connect with clients to provide customized nutrition guidance
  • Faculty and students can connect with friends and family to view the cares of their loved ones (note: they can't view health conditions or status through their consumer accounts, they can only view their cares as they relate to recipes, restaurant dishes, etc.).