FoodCare Research Network (FRN)

The FoodCare Research Network (FRN) exists to help researchers advance clinical and population health management research work. Please contact us below to become a charter member of the FRN. 


Clinical Researchers

FoodCare helps clinical researchers studying the relationship between nutrition and chronic disease using the FoodCare App, FoodCare Pro and our Nutrition Insights.

Furthermore, FoodCare has also been successful in working with food brands to provision foods and beverages for use in clinical studies, often at greatly reduced or even no cost. In certain cases we've even had partners create custom foods and beverages for the specific nutritional considerations of a study. 

  • Privately branded app for exclusive use of study participants
  • Custom nutrition guidelines to test
  • Discovery of food items that fit the care guidelines of the study
  • Meal planning and food logging tools for study participants
  • Data analytics and reports for study participants
  • Data analytics and reporting related to aggregated, de-identified data from across the FoodCare Research Network

Public Health Researchers

For public health researchers interested in a wide-range of nutrition related Healthy People 2020 topic areas and objectives, FoodCare offers a unique set of integrated solutions to advance your research and community intervention efforts. 

  • Access to aggregated, de-identified data from across our ecosystem of communities
  • Partner recruitment to extend specific research initiatives
  • Grant writing support
  • Custom privately branded apps for specific interventions or population studies

Please contact us today to learn more about the FRN. 

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