How we support schools of public health

Contact us to learn how we can help your school of public health advance learning, research and population health management initiatives.

We help organizations from across a community align nutrition interventions to maximize their impact on population health. 

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We have developed a rather advanced enterprise software application based on the Healthy People 2020 topic areas and objectives.

We believe that truly aligning and empowering local health and food related ecosystems will prove to be among the top influencers of population health transformation. 

We also believe that our comprehensive approach solves very fundamental problems we've commonly observed in fragmented, grant-based community health initiatives. 

Faculty and students in our nations Schools of Public Health play pivotal roles in identifying community needs, developing and implementing interventions, measuring outcomes and analyzing programs.

FoodCare exists at the intersections of local public health, healthcare and food systems. This is an interesting space for us to collaborate with faculty and students that are close to population health research initiatives. 

All faculty and students receive special access to our technologies and to the technologies of our partners. For academic members of our FoodCare Research Network, we will develop custom applications upon request for use in clinical or population health research initiatives.