1. FoodCare Profile Created For Your Client

An Eat Well Green Country App user or an RD can easily create a FoodCare Profile by providing: Age, Gender, Height/Weight, and Activity Level along with their chronic diseases, disease stages, food restrictions and personal preferences.




2. We Assign Standard Clinical Dietary Guidelines 

We assign a clinically authored dietary guideline (from a major health association or institute), personalized for your community member's anthropomorphic profile and disease states, and then analyze tens of thousands of food items against their personal dietary guideline.

3. FoodCare System Provides Nutrition Insights™

Your client searches for food items (recipes, restaurant dishes, prepared meals, snacks, beverages, vitamins and supplements), and we provide personalized Nutrition Insights on every item. Any time an item is added to the system, it is analyzed for each individual user with an active FoodCare Profile.




4. Registered Dietitian Can Further Personalizes Guidelines

For even more personalized guidance, Registered Dietitians can connect directly with the FoodCare Profile of any client (through FoodCare Pro) to review health records and provide customized nutrition guidelines for dozens of nutrients and dietary preferences, which the FoodCare system uses to re-analyze thousands of food items and meal plans going forward.


5. RDs and App Users Create Customized Meal Plans

The FoodCare system supports meal plan creation for your community members consistent with their dietary restrictions, food and lifestyle preferences. FoodCare also provides an integrated Food Log and can give powerful dietary coaching throughout the day. 



6. App Users Recruit Their Favorite Restaurants

FoodCare Foodservice is another separate, but integrated, software tool that any foodservice business can use for free including restaurants, school and corporate cafeterias, meal delivery services, senior living communities, food banks, etc. The one-click publish option makes the nutrition facts available to the FoodCare system and your community members. 


7. Foodservice Venues Add Nutrition Data For Their Dishes To The System

FoodCare Foodservice gives chefs in any foodservice setting a way to learn which of their dishes are appropriate for the 150 million Americans living with nutrition related chronic diseases (that annually spend over $500B on food). 

Chefs can use FoodCare on an on-going basis to easily discover foodservice-friendly recipes attuned to different health needs across the community. 

Using FoodCare Foodservice is fast and easy. We can create a secure account in minutes, and within 10 minutes chefs are receiving advanced Nutrition Insight analysis on their recipes, identifying which dishes are appropriate for different health conditions and dietary preferences.