The Branded FoodCare App

The branded FoodCare App for web and mobile is a turn-key, fully integrated solution that drives your engagement with community members and their families.  Available at stunningly low price points, FoodCare also offers several ways for partners to increase revenues.  

Branded FoodCare Apps fully integrate with our FoodCare Pro and FoodCare Foodservice solutions. That means your community members can have their own, personal Registered Dietitian customize their dietary guidance behind the scenes, and our system will immediately re-process the entire database for their personal Nutrition Insights!  And further, your community members can "nominate" any foodservice organization including restaurants, cafeterias and more to use our FoodCare Foodservice solution.  We will contact that business and offer FoodCare at no cost to join!  As dishes are published in our system they will be available to your community members immediately, with personalized Nutrition Insights! 

Please note that we do support international businesses and have strategic partnership opportunities available.

Turn-key Web

FoodCare web apps can be integrated into your website with next to no technical support by your team.  Web apps are required for certain features (recipe creation, meal planning) and offer the same functionality as mobile in most other cases.

Additionally, if your organization has a foodservice of healthcare delivery capability, we have partnership opportunities to integrate those solutions into your deployment.

Features of our standard turnkey web apps includes:

  • Personalized (per each user) Nutrition Insights on thousands of food items, including recipes, grocery items, snacks, beverages, vitamins & supplements
  • Upload family recipes & modify community recipes per personal dietary needs 
  • Shopping lists
  • Food log
  • Meals and Meal plans (available in private beta only, general release coming soon)
  • Family recipe and meal planning
  • Local farmers markets
  • Weight logs
  • Health condition specific education content from community owner

Turn-key Mobile

FoodCare mobile apps fully integrate with all web app functionality, and can be quickly packaged for your brand and community.  FoodCare mobile apps are feature comparable to apps like MyFitnessPal or LoseIt, but include our unique and advanced Nutrition Insights functionality as well integration with our FoodCare Pro and FoodCare Foodservice solutions.

  • Search for local restaurants and other local foodservice venues by geo-location
  • Search for recipes, grocery items, snacks, beverages, vitamins and supplements
  • Food log (w/ full meal plan integration) 
  • Search for farmers markets
  • Favorite food items for easy search
  • Update weight logs
  • Access content from community owner

And coming soon! 

  • Integration with leading fitness apps (RunKeeper, FitBit, etc.)
  • Bar code scanning and grocery store coupons

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