Work with us to transform your community

We help communities comprehensively improve the nutrition literacy of community members and increase their access to healthy foods, which is of particular need in traditionally underserved communities. Our work benefits the health of individuals and families living in the community, and it also benefits the local economy while helping to foster the growth of healthy food systems

We do our work through a combination of technology offeringsprofessional services and by coordinating efforts across a vast network of customers including public health agencieshealthcare providers, non-profits, educational institutions, and local employers.  

While we're at it, we also help our food and beverage customers understand which of their foods already meet the needs of individuals with special food cares. A food care is a special dietary need or preference that relates to nutrient intake (daily maximums, minimums, ranges), food intake (foods to avoid or consume more of), along with personal preferences (ex., vegetarian, Halal diet, non-GMO, sustainably harvested, local, etc.). Over 150 million Americans have nutrition related chronic diseases and health conditions, collectively spending over $600 billion on food annually. We help our customer develop roadmaps for engaging their consumers around special food cares

Our mission

We exist so that our customers communities can be stronger and healthier, so that everyone in them, rich or poor, can have their personal food cares met on a daily basis, and to play a meaningful and positive role in the development of healthy and sustainable food systems so that everyone on this planet can thrive.

Our products

The FoodCare App A white label web and mobile application we provide for communities (also offered as an SDK that can be plugged into a pre-existing app)

FoodCare Pro A professional solution for dietitians, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals that enables advanced client counseling

FoodCare F&B A professional solution for food businesses that allows them to easily understand how their food items compare to the needs of individuals living with chronic diseases or have other special diets

FoodCare Research Network (FRN) A subscription offering for health researchers providing data services and applications to power clinical studies

What we do

  1. Increase nutrition literacy of individuals and families

  2. Increase community access to healthy foods

  3. Empower healthcare professionals to provide outstanding nutrition guidance and long-term support

  4. Align nutrition interventions from across the community to maximize their impact on Healthy People 2020 Objectives

  5. Help communities build stronger, more sustainable food systems

  6. Help food and beverage businesses understand and support the needs of individuals and families with special food cares

We are inspired by hundreds of customers