Personalized Nutrition Marketing

Over 150 million Americans have special food cares, annually spending well over $600B on food. Different health conditions and life stages have different dietary needs, and what is a perfect match for a diabetic can be forbidden for someone that has chronic kidney disease.

Your food or beverage business may have items that are Perfect Matches for many of the six million pregnant or nursing women in the United States at any given time, but you don't know it and neither do they! 

For chefs and marketers in the food and beverage businesses, FoodCare F&B makes it incredibly easy to identify which of your food options are appropriate for millions with special needs.

You can use FoodCare F&B to get FDA compliant nutrition fact labels and to perform advanced nutrition analysis of your dishes, identifying with ease which of your dishes pass the dietary guidelines of a wide range of health conditions and dietary preferences. 

Simply enter recipes into the system and we tell you which major health conditions or lifestyle preferences a dish is appropriate for (i.e., diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, osteoporosis, pregnancy, nursing, endurance athletes, vegans, etc.).  

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